Just Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Linseed Oil (also known as Flax Oil) is 100% pure and natural and is known for its many health benefits. A naturally high source of Omega 3, it also contains healthy proteins which may decrease the risk factors of heart disease, and fibre to prevent digestive issues and constipation. It also contains minerals, including calcium and magnesium.

An excellent dietary supplement, simply use 5ml every day in your diet, from adding to breakfast yoghurt, smoothies, to soups or salad dressings or low temperature baked cakes. It is not suitable for roasting or frying.

Flax seeds are grown and crushed here on the farm, and the oil is filtered and available in 250ml bottles.

  • A natural source of Omega 3
  • Use as part of the Budwig Diet and OMS Diet
  • Once open, store in a cool dark place
  • Minimum shelf life 365 days